Greetings. Thank you for being here.

My name is Russell H. Stwalley and there is no one like me running for Congress in ANY district across the country.  I am running in Indiana's Fifth District.  Welcome to the journey.  

The Basics

About The Candidate

Pictures of me and some political stuff


Endless War

I am against endless war.  I believe our troops should come home and protect our borders. It really is that simple.


The debt

We will never pay off our debt.  Most in Congress believe we only need to service the debt- that is, pay the annual interest and keep moving on.  These people are rightly called fools.   We need to cut spending.


The Swamp

This is the single greatest thing going on right now.  If we can drain the swamp and eliminate the corruption, waste, UN-Constitutional shenanigans and imprison the ne'er do-wells our descendants will be forever grateful. 

And more stuff.

A bit more personal